It’s a moment of great change in our country. Our vision is to transform the Saudi fashion retail industry into a global and regional destination. We want to show Saudi Arabia not just as an economic force but also as a cultural and creative hub. 

Some 70% of our population is under 30 years old, so fashion can create great companies and job opportunities for our young generation. Hence, we want to create a world-class fashion event that links Europe, Africa and Asia. We are rich in natural resources, but our real wealth lies in the potential of our young generation. 

With the aim of diversifying the economy of the Arab region we intend to promote creativity, support local talent, promote foreign investment, establish a city dedicated to fashion and create Saudi Arabia as the heart of the Arab world.

The idea is to also use fashion as a cultural diplomacy to really bring together the Arab nations, and open the region to international businesses.

H.H Princess Noura Bint Faisal Al Saud

President of the Saudi Fashion Community

Show Saudi
to the World
To lead fashion, culture, 
and design sector
Support local
fashion industry
Enrich the lifestyle
and social cohesion
foreign investment
Saudi talents